Patient Testimonies

"I am very satisfied with Dr. Shifrin's handling of my surgery and his patience with me before, during, and after the procedure. My husband and I felt I was in the best hands possible. His staff could not have been more helpful. Dr. Shifrin is the best. Patricia G 6/18/2013"

-- Patricia G. (New Jersey)

"Hearing that I may have thyroid cancer was especially frightening since it was so unexpected and I was 4 months pregnant. My husband & I also had a 4 year old son at home at the time. Meeting Dr. Shifrin was the best thing that could have happened to me. Dr. Shifrin is so amazing that he performed my total thyroidectomy, for papillary thyroid cancer, while I was awake, talking & pregnant with my second child in December 2011. My mother had papillary thyroid cancer 5 years prior so my family doctor routinely sent me for ultrasounds of my neck. A thyroid nodule was present so I was referred to an endocrinologist, who because of my family history, sent me to Dr. Shifrin because "He is the best!". After meeting and consulting with Dr. Shifrin I decided to have a biopsy done. Because of my pregnancy, I only wanted the use of a cold numbing spray and no anesthesia for the biopsy. It was not painful and only uncomfortable for a few moments. After the biopsy came back positive for cancer and molecular markers came back stating it was the aggressive type, it was best not to wait to have the surgery. Dr. Shifrin took the time & consulted with & wrote letters to all my doctors, my family doctor, endocrinologist, obstetrician and perinatologist. He also explained information to me as many times as I needed to hear it. He was very compassionate & understanding of my concerns about my baby's wellbeing and how I did not want my baby to receive any unnecessary medication. He performed my surgery in the beginning of my second trimester using a local regional block, no other anesthesia. I was awake and able to talk during the whole operation. The greatest comfort to me through it all was the fact that I could feel Dr. Shifrin by my side the whole time, he never left me. He also made sure my baby was ok through ultrasounds before & after surgery. I left the hospital that same day. I didn't need to take any pain medication following the procedure. Swallowing was uncomfortable for a few days afterward but no pain. I returned to work two weeks later. I can not say enough wonderful things about Dr. Shifrin & his team. I will forever be grateful. I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl, Alanah Noelle Smith on June 25, 2012 and I am now cancer free!"

-- Stacey Dionisio Smith (Toms River, New Jersey)

"Dr. Shifrin, You performed a total thyroidectomy on May 2nd.2013. Within 2 days, aside from the glue, I wouldn't have known I had surgery. Minimal pain and a slight sore throat from the anesthesia. I want to complement you on your surgical staff. They were compassionate, professional and very attentive to my circumstance. The OR nurses and the techs. worked well together and knew exactly what they needed to do. They should be very proud of the work they do. Also, the pre-op and discharge nurses were wonderful to me. They really seemed to care about their jobs and performed them well. You have a truly professional and caring staff. They made a difficult situation for me very tolerable. Thanks, Paul"

-- Paul (Toms River, NJ)

"If surgery could be wonderful, believe me it was. A yearly chest X-ray due to pulmonary problems,showed I had an enlarged thyroid and trrachial compression. After seeing an endocrinologist, I underwent several tests. The results showed several cold nodules one being very large. My endocrinologist sent me to Dr. Shifrin. Dr. Shifrin was very kind and caring. He explained what needed to be done and answered all my questions. He even asked one more time if I had any questions. My thyroid ectomy was scheduled for April 18, 2013 but a week before Linda called to ask if I would like to go on the 12th due to rescheduling. I wanted to say, "Oh, that"s ok. I'll just wait for the 18th." After speaking to my husband, we decided I should just get it over with. Linda was very kind and helpful. The day of my surgery, I was treated very kindly by everyone at Jersey Shore Medical Center. Nurse Amy took great care of me. Everyone involved with the surgery came and introduced themselves and told me what they would be doing to assist. My recovery went very well. David in discharge took good care of me. My surgery was on a Friday[my birthday],and by Sunday I was doing great. I did not need any pain meds. My sore throat eased each day. I consider myself very lucky to have had Dr. Shrifrin do my surgery. I would recommend him to everyone. Thank you Dr. Shifrin."

-- Rosemary Lipinski (Toms River)

"I want to thank dr.shifrin for an amazing, well planned, and fully executed surgery. After finding out I had a thyroid problem in 2011. It wasn't until march of 2013 when diagnose with thyroid cancer, papillary. I was a little bit rattled about the cancer and surgery. The doctor and his team gave me all the confidence I needed. Early April I had the surgery removing my entire thyroid and lymph nodes on left side. The next day I was walking around. A couple weeks later back to my normal life feeling great and no complications afterward. Dr. Shifrin thanks for wonderful job. "Doc you're the Ben Carson of endocrine surgery.. Gifted Hands" "

-- Markim (Asbury Park)

"At first I was nervous when I noticed a lump in my neck. I was referred to Dr. Shifrin by my endocrinologist. From the time I walked in the office I have felt at home. His staff is amazing. Their knowledge and joy put me at ease during a scary time. I couldn't be more pleased of the results. Megan and Linda are always a pleasure to see. Thank you to the entire staff."

-- Heather C (Colts Neck, NJ)

"I want to thank Dr Shifrin and his staff. Two weeks after the removal of a parathyroid nodule that caused an increase in Calcium in my blood stream, I feel great! The scar site is very small and difficult to see( I'm told it will fade even more),and my energy levels are high. It was amazing to feel the purging of all that extra Calcium from my blood stream and kidneys, I knew that I felt lousy but I was amazed at how fast this turned around. Thanks again!"

-- Krista (Aberdeen, NJ)

"I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in March 2013. I was lucky enough for find Dr. Shifrin first by myself thru the internet and to then have him referred to me by my endocrinologist. I could not have made a better choice! Dr. Shifrin took the time to sit and discuss my surgery and to answer every question I had. I had surgery to remove my thyroid on March 29. The surgery went well. Dr. Shifrin's team was outstanding. Each member of his surgical staff introduced themselves to me prior to surgery. Each explained their position and what the procedure would entail. Dr. Shifrin came to me in recovery when I had a few questions for him. I am happy to say that my results were good with the cancer contained in the thyroid. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has to go thru thyroid surgery. His professionalism and bedside manner well exceeded my expectations!"

-- Barbara Kozlowski (Freehold, NJ)

"Dr. Shifrin performed a parathyroidectomy on me in March 2013. He is truly a specialist in his field. I am an extremely anxious patient. Dr. Shifrin was able to fully explain the procedure and to answer any questions I had with confidence and with a willingness to reassure me that I had nothing to worry about. I truly did feel that I was in the best of hands. Dr. Shifrin and his team treated me with TLC from the time of my first visit through the surgery and post-op visit. Dr. Shifrin is truly a professional who has patience with his patients. Following surgery, I experienced no pain and have only the smallest of a scar right in the crease line of my neck. Thank you Dr. Shifrin for your excellence as a surgeon and for your kind manner."

-- Karen Mulligan (Hazlet, NJ)

"In the middle of January, 2013, my thyroid biopsy came back positive. On February 21 I had surgery and Dr. Shifrin removed the cancer and my thyroid. He also was able to remove and test 25 lymph nodes to evaluate whether the cancer had spread. I feel very fortunate and blessed that Dr. Shifrin and the entire team at Jersey Shore were available for my treatment. I am now getting ready to schedule my follow-up radioactive iodine treatment and fee like I am moving toward being 'cancer free'. Thanks "

-- Chris B (NJ)

"I would like to Thank Dr. Shifrin, his staff & the staff at Jersey Shore Medical Center for wonderful treatment given to me before & after my Thyroid Surgery .Dr. Shifrin was highly recommended to me by my family physician & by a family friend. From the 1st visit, Dr. Shifrin & his staff made me feel very comfortable, He took his time in explaining in detail the steps that were going to be taken leading up to & what was going to happen after my Thyroid was removed. I never imagined that I would go home the same day of the surgery feeling as good as I did, it has been almost 2 weeks since my surgery & everything is going as planned. Thank You again Dr.Shifrin.."

-- Charles (Manalapan NJ)

"Thank you Dr. Shifrin. One week after my total thyroid removal, I feel great. Better than I've felt in years. The staff in the OR was great. My incision is only 2 inches long and almost invisible. Since I was your last surgery of the day, I stayed overnight. My nurse was attentive, making sure that I drank and got up. I truly appreciate the caring attitude of everyone I came in contact with at Jersey Shore and especially you, Dr. Shifrin. "

-- Patricia Holovack (Bayville, NJ)

"I came to learn about Dr. Shifrin from a peer who was treated by him for her cancerous thyroid. I immediatley made an appointment to see him and was not disappointed. He met with my husband and I for approximately 45 minutes-which is unheard of-and right then and there I knew he was the Doctor for me. He fully explained my condition and what my options were. I felt so comfortable with him that I arranged my surgery date before leaving his office. The day of surgery he again fully explained what course of action he would take depending on what he found when he started the surgery. Everthing that he advised would happend did. He removed the left side of my thyroid-which was found to be pre-cancerous. He also personally called the day after surgery to see how I was. My post op visit was again very enlightening and informing. I think the thing that impressed me most, besides being a great surgeon, is that he took his time with me, answered all of my questions, and did not have his hand on the door knob as I was asking questions waiting to leave the room. I was considering going to New York or Pennsylvania for a third opinion-all I had to do was look in my own backyard-there was Dr. Shifrin! My family doctor told me how impressed she was with him after reading the report outlining his course of action for my treatment. In this day and age it is so wonderful when you find a Doctor like Dr. Shifrin."

-- Christine McManus (Point Pleasant, NJ)

"I recently had my entire thyroid removed by Dr. Shifrin in December. I knew eventually I would have to have some type of surgery on it, so I was really looking for a surgeon who specialized in the thyroid. After reading about him and speaking with medical personnel both in and out of the Meridian Health network, I was consistenty told Dr. Shifrin was an excellent surgeon. I had total confidence in him. His website with information about the surgery is also excellent. It helped you understand what to expect. The day of the surgery, the surgical team came to my room and introduced themselves. Each person explained what their responsibility was during the surgery. They were so friendly and caring. They really put you at ease. They probably don't even realize how positively that affects the patient. The anesthesiologist really took his time and explained what he was going to do and how I would feel after the surgery. It turned out to be true and I was so thankful for his thoughtful and caring demeanor. I couldn't praise Dr. Shifrin, the surgical team and the anesthesiologist enough. I think they would really inspire people to enter the medical profession. 01.07.2013"

-- Patricia C (New Jersey)

" I'd like to take this moment to thank Dr. Shifrin and his staff for an outstanding job. My wife's recent video assisted parathyroidectomy was easy, comfortable and the scar looks like a tiny cat scratch just two weeks later. Not only is Dr. Shifrin an exceptional professional he's also a pleasant and warm person. I strongly recommend him to anyone seeking parathyroid surgery. One can only wish there were more professionals of his caliber."

-- Alex Topaller (Ridgewood, NJ)

"Sonogram and uptake testing revealed that I had six thyroid nodules, one of which was “cold”. When I called Dr. Shifrin’s office I was happy to hear a real person pick up right away, and I scheduled a consultation. Dr. Shifrin recommended and performed a fine needle biopsy of all six nodules. Results showed two suspicious nodules, one on each side. I asked about my options and I think Dr. Shifrin sensed that I was thinking of bolting! He told me what was NOT an option was to do nothing. And so the decision was made to have a total thyroidectomy. It was the right decision. It turned out that one nodule was papillary cancer and the other was a nasty type of pre-cancer. My husband and I have complete confidence in Dr. Shifrin. He is professional, confident, and caring. He took the time to explain everything, answer questions, and he made us comfortable with our decisions. We even shared a few laughs. It’s been almost 3 weeks since surgery and my incision is healing nicely; better than I expected. Dr. Shifrin, Megan and his staff, and the staff at Jersey Shore made an unpleasant situation as pleasant as possible. "

-- Lisa Donnan (Metuchen, NJ)

"I just wanted to take this moment, to thank you for being so understanding of our emotional state and taking the time to explain my son's prognosis and treatment required for same. We were referred to you on short notice, and even though you had a full schedule, you were willing to accept my son, and immediately schedule him for tests and surgery, and have continued to work on his case. Thank you for everything, you are truly exceptional, not only as a doctor, but have a heart of gold. I wish you, your family and your staff, a safe and happy holiday:) 12/17/2012""

-- Darlene M. (New Jersey)

"I had my entire thyroid removed by Dr. Shifrin on November 6th 2012. Great surgeon, great staff and would recommend him to anyone who has a thryoid issue. Very impressed with his knowledge and greatful I found him."

-- Aldo Cavalli (Freehold, NJ)

"To Dr. Shifrin and Staff, I am so glad that I found you to do my Para-Thyroid operation. After being referred to a NYC surgeon I had the opportunity to meet with you in Neptune. Your professionalism, along with your staff's, was only surpassed by the 100% success of the procedure. Besides your expertise in this field, the ease of mind you gave to me and my wife was, in my thoughts, a vital part of the successful outcome and recovery. I will be giving your name and information to my primary doctor so that he can begin referring you instead of sending his patients to NYC. I am confident that he will have the same positive experience that I enjoyed. Thank you once again - and please extend my best thoughts to all of your staff - both in the office and the operating team. Howard S. Kramer 12/04/2012"

-- Howard S. Kramer (New Jersey)

"I am writing this because Dr. Shifrin performed a parathyroidectomy on me a few weeks ago. From my first visit I felt completely confident that I choose the right surgeon. Dr. Shifrin took the time to explain to me the whole procedure and I went in knowing what to expect.. Once the required tests confirmed that I needed to have one of my parathyroids removed the outpatient surgery was scheduled very quickly. There was no pain involved and my recovery was very quick. I can unequivocally recommend Dr. Shiftin."

-- Michele Ward (Neptune, NJ)

"You’re reading this because you or someone you love needs an endocrine surgeon. I wrote this to tell you to look no further, Dr. Shifrin should absolutely be your choice. A knowledgeable and gifted surgeon Dr. Shifrin is truly an asset to his profession. He and his top-notch friendly staff made me feel at ease from my consolation through my post-op visit. On the day of my complete thyroidectomy his entire surgical team introduced themselves to me and explained their roles making me feel at ease. My recovery was quick and other than feeling like I had a sore throat I had no pain. My scar is small and fading and my future is bright thanks to Dr. Shifrin."

-- Laura (New Jersey)

"I would recommend Dr.Shifrin to anyone who needs thyroid surgery. I recently had my thyroid removed by Dr. Shifrin at the Jersey Shore University Medical Center. He made me feel confident and relaxed. Both surgery and recovery were 100% problem free. I thank Dr. Shifrin and the hospital staff for a job well done."

-- Linda B. (NJ)

"I am a 37 year old mother with 3 sons. I was not feeling well. My body was very achy, and I had difficulty doing every day things with my children. My primary doctor referred me to Dr. Shifrin. Dr. Shifrin diagnosed me with parathyroid disease and the start of osteoporosis. Surgery was scheduled to remove the bad parathyroid, and I was hoping for relief. It has been 2 weeks, and I feel FABULOUS!!!!! The surgery was a success. My body feels great, and I am able to do everything with my children again. I am so thankful to Dr. Shifrin for giving me my life back!!!"

-- Kim Lucas (Jackson )

"God Bless Dr. Shifrin. It was brought to my attention during a test for something else that my thyroid looked bad. Tests were run and a needle biopsy was done and I was told not to be too concerned because many people have thyroid issues it's very common. After doing some research and making numerous inquiries I made an appointment with Dr.Alexander Shifrin, an endocrine surgeon, to give me his opinion. For my first meeting with him I brought my prior biopsy and lab reports. Dr. Shifrin had a gut feeling as said he was going to perform his own fine needle biopsy. The new test results changed my options. My thyroid needed to come out. I was scheduled for same day outpatient surgery. On the day of my surgery, Dr. Shifrin and his OR team came to greet me and I immediately felt safe and at ease in their presence. I knew I was in good hands. Dr. Shifrin preformed a total thyroidectony and monitored my vocal cords during the surgery. My recovery time was fast. I was out shopping after a few days and back to work after a week. Initially I tried to convince my husband to buy me a diamond necklace to conceal my incision but cosmetically it is hardly noticeable. At my post operative meeting I was told I had Hashimoto's disease and the results of my pathology report were positive for a small cancerous growth. Dr. Shifrin smiled as he read the report. I believe his knowledge and skill saved my live. Thank you Dr. Shifrin you are a gifted endocrine surgeon. "

-- Barbara Meehan Evans (Point Pleasant, NJ)

"This past August was one of the scariest times of my life. During a routine doctor's appointment a large growth was discovered in my throat. Ultrasound confirmed that I had two large thyroid nodules on the left side of my thyroid. After the biopsy at my endocrinologist's office came back inconclusive, it was recommended that I have surgery to remove it. That is when I was referred to Dr. Shifrin. Even though he has an extremely busy schedule, he accomodated me right away! He was direct, extremely thorough, but most of all, made me feel very comfortable. I remember after my very first appointment wtih him I felt at ease with my diagnosis and knew I was in excellent hands. I underwent surgery August 23, 2012 and everything went beautifully! Not only did I know exactly what the procedure entailed before I went in, he also made sure to monitor and preserve my vocal cords which was a HUGE concern of mine because I'm a teacher. I cannot thank Dr. Shifrin and his wonderful staff enough for getting me through this terrifying experience! From my very first appointment to my recovery after surgery, he and his staff were exemplary in every way! I have recommended him to everyone I know and I will continue to do so! A HUGE heartfelt thank you to Dr. Shifrin and his staff!"

-- Lisa Scott (Brick, NJ)

"I would want everyone to know I had my doughts about surgery but feeling comfortable with Dr. Shifrin I was glad I did it and my experience in the hospital was the best care i'xe had after many surgerys . from the first meeting in the morning to leaving with many faces to do there job they were very professional and very personable to myself and wife . there were conserns that they answered and kept her up with my care after surgery. from pre-op to leaving they were the best ever. thanks to all the staff in the OR and in recovery."

-- john campbell (manasquan)

"I met Dr. Shifrin today and I will sleep tonight for the first time in months. I am the parent of a 39 year old daughter with 3 young children who had thyroid cancer. I have a hard time even saying this. She had a large lump on her neck and was seen by other doctors who said leave it alone for 6 months and we will watch it. My daughter knew her body and by the miracle of God she went to Dr.Shifrin. It was so large she had problems swallowing. He told her that half her thyroid must come out. Two weeks after that surgery, he told her it was cancer and needed another surgery to remove the other half. It has been only 2 weeks after her second surgery and she feels fine. The incision is almost healed and her voice is strong and so are her spirits. Our family will be eternally grateful to this fine doctor who put our family at ease. She still has to be under the care of an endocronologist, but the surgery was a complete success. Thank you Dr. Shifrin."

-- Susan Skokos (Tinton Falls N.J.)

"Being in the Health Care Profession for 30 years as a nurse iam writing this comment because I am still in awe and so thank full that divine intervention lead me to this wonderful caring and top of the line surgeon ....i have been seen for the past 6years ...yes 6years for thyroid nodules and high calcium ..which my DRs that i put my Faith in said lets do the watch and wait thing.....meanwhile feeling more tired and sicker and tired and sicker but no one was able to pinpoint the problem the best answer ...what we menopausal women hear is ...oh its the change ...your depressed u have anxiety ...go here do this ...see a shrink take this not that i knew i had high calcium and nodules and i heard about Dr Schifrin from a friend who also was a nurse ..i made an appointment and the minute i walked in to the office and met him ...I knew i was in the best hands and he would take care of me ...he finally found out what was wrong with me ...I have thyroid cancer Hyperparathyroid disease and a genetic braf gene surgery went so well do too Dr Schifrin he took out the thyroid parathyroid and nodes in one shot with a minimal scar post 3 weeks that is almost non visable ..I had minimal pain and was home that night and moving around the next day no trouble swallowing either....I owe my Life to Dr Schifrin and the good lord above God sends us angels in white ....Mine was Dr Schifrin....."

-- Jacqi Lahm (Waretown NJ)

"I agree completely with the comments of the others at this site. Dr. Shifrin takes the time to speak with you and answer any and all of your questions. He is very professional and thorough. I had my thyroid removed and had a very fast recovery with no surprises. The thing I like and appreciate the most about this doctor is that he is a straight shooter and tells you exactly where you stand in regards to your particular health situation. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anybody in need of professional health care."

-- Keith J. Nevrincean (West Allenhurst, NJ)

"Super Doctor. Kind, gentle, explains everything in detail, no baloney, just to the point. Great recovery from parathyroid disease and excellent follow-up. My wife was so happy she hugged him as I was being discharged.. "

-- Dennis Crump Sr (08722)

"Hi, I was diagnosed with hypethyroidism. Frightening at first to hear it, So I did a lot of research. First on the disease, then on many,many doctors, for I was told I needed surgery. Let me tell you, nothing passed by me that I didn't read up on until it got to the point I hated getting on the computer. Well my research paid off...I found Doctor Alexander L. Shifrin, MD.I set up my appointment, met with the doctor. Three weeks later I had my surgery. From the moment I met him I felt safe, if you could relate to being frightened of the unknown, you will know what I am talking about.He is kind , he explained every single process that I was going to go through.The hospital staff was very nice and comforting and kept me very calm. I spoke to the surgery staff and felt very confident and safe,before I want in for my surgery This doctor comes with a bonefide thank you from me, He aces in my book..."

-- Tecla Alfone (New Jersey)

"I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and Graves Disease in September 2011. My endocronologist referred me to Dr. Shifrin because I also had 2 nodules that had their own blood supply. Dr. Shifrin and I discussed my options and he performed the biopsy of the two nodules. We also scheduled a surgery date of Dec 8th, 2011. The biopsy was clear, and I had the surgery on Dec 8th. After surgery, the pain that I felt in the left side of my body ( neck. shoulder, side, back, knees and leg) was completely gone. I haven't had any pain since the surgery. The sweating has almost stopped...about 90%. And the tremors and the heart palpitations are getting fewer and fewer. Surgery was a great option for me because I didn't like the idea of nodules in my thyroid that were growing and had their own blood supply and I didn't like the characteristics of the side effects of the other medications. At the follow up appointment with Dr. Shifrin two weeks after the surgery, he gave me the pathology report. Dr. Shifrin told me there were two nodules, one a 0.1cm and the other a 0.2 cm, that were found to be cancerous. These were two other nodules other than the ones that were biopsied. So now I'm very happy that I followed through with the surgery, because we didn't know what was in the thyroid gland and because it was removed. Dr. Shifrin got everything out! I was very relieved and happy and shocked (because I never thought I would hear the cancer report!) all at the same time. I can't begin to describe how happy I've been with Dr. Shrifrin and my experience at Jersey Shore University Medical Center. Everything was wonderful. And as I said to Dr. Shifrin...not only did he change my life, he saved it! Thanks again!"

-- Suzanne Clark (Toms River, NJ)

"On September 8, 2011, I had one of my parathyroid glands removed because it was robbing calcium from my bones and my chance of breaking a bone was increased. On my first visit to Dr. Shifrin's office, I found the staff to be friendly and caring. When I met Dr. Shifrin I was immediately impressed with his professionalism and his way of explaining what the parathyroid removal process would be so that I could understand exactly what was going to happen. On the day of my surgery, I was not nervous at all because I knew I was in good hands. Dr. Shifrin talked to my wife and I about how long the surgery would last and what to expect post-surgery. Since the procedure, I have had no pain whatsoever and feel really good. If you need surgery of this kind, you cannot do better than Dr. Shifrin. I would also like to mention that Jersey Shore University Hospital has to be the friendliest hospital I have ever experienced. The day of the surgery, the receptionist at the front desk gave us directions to the surgical waiting area. We were going in that direction when a nice young lady stopped and asked us if we knew where we were going. Although we said we did, she stopped what she was doing and stayed with us until we got the right place. I have never experienced such a kind and caring experience in a hospital before. In closing, I would just like to say that Jersey Shore University Medical Center and Dr. Shifrin are just the best and you can be confident that you will be well taken care of."

-- David Kerr (Whiting, New Jersey)

"On January 21, 2011, Dr. Alexander Shifrin, performed surgery on me to remove a parathyroid gland that was causing my body to produce excess calcium. The pre-admission screening was smooth and supportive. The surgical procedure was painless and Dr. Shifrin's incision (according to my wife) left little or no scar. The same day surgery staff was comforting. Dr. Shifrin explained my problem to me in consultation and in detail explained the role of the thyroid gland, the parathyroid gland and the hidden dangers of excess calcium. On the day of surgery he visited me in the preparation area and spoke to my wife after surgery and explained the successful results. I found the surgery experience to actually be pleasant, not uncomfortable in the least and thanks to Dr. Shifrin's skills theraputic. With my calcium under control, I feel much better with improved energy and disposition. Thank You Dr. Shifrin. My endocrinologist, described Dr. Shifrin's surgical procedure as "magic" compared to surgical procedures in years past for parathyroid removal. How very fortunate Jersey Shore University Medical Center is to have such a talented surgeon as Dr. Shifrin. Joe Iosca"

-- Joseph Iosca (Wall Twp. NJ)

"Hi, my name is Diane Kehn and I had been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism with a toxic nodule nine years ago. I kept putting off treatment with the hope of healing myself through holistic means. But no matter how many cruciferous vegetables I was eating to try to suppress my T4/T3 levels, nothing was working. My endocrinologist suggested that I have the RAI treatment but I was resistant. I tried methimazole but had to stop because it became my liver became toxic. I prayed about it and left it in God’s hands. That’s when I made an appointment with Dr. Shifrin. I was not only impressed with Dr. Shifrin’s outstanding background and professionalism (his whole demeanor exuded confidence and competency), but he was very patient and caring and addressed all my questions as valid concerns. He also has a witty sense of humor which put me at ease right away. I went on his website to read the reviews of other patients and called the ones that invited the reader to do so. Everyone gave positive feedback. I knew I chose the right surgeon. The day of surgery was amazing. Although I was extremely nervous (my heart rate was 119!), I felt I was with the most confident, competent, caring, and professional team! They The male anesthesiologist’s sense of humor relaxed me and the female anesthesiologist I met was very reassuring as she said it was her job to make me feel comfortable and feel no pain. I felt very encouraged and comforted by her words. Then Dr. Shifrin came in with his assistant, Dr. Young and I was wheeled into the operating room. I was told to breathe in and that was the last thing I remember until I woke up in recovery. I was then wheeled into Prep and Discharge where my husband and I were in a private area and we were offered lunch. The most unbelievable part for me was that I actually ate half of a cheese/lettuce/tomato sandwich, 2 cookies, and apple juice with no pain and no discomfort! I also could not believe I had an appetite! At 3 0’clock, Dr. Young came in to take out the stitches which was a quick removal of what felt like a band-aid across my neck. I got dressed and then we left. Thank you God for leading me to Dr. Shifrin, Dr. Young, and those two anesthesiologists, they were all great. I felt I was, literally, in perfect hands! I give anyone permission to call me directly pertaining to information about my experience. "

-- Diane Kehn (Tinton Falls NJ)

"To any patients who are anticipating surgery with Dr. Shifrin, I can assure you that you are in compasssionate and talented hands. At the begining of the month I had my thyroid removed at Jersey Shore University Medical Center. The entire experience, from my first meeting with Doctor and his willing and helpful office staff, Susan and Mandy were pleasant and very understanding. I was very impressed with the way my day of surgery went.I arrived at the beautiful state of the art surgical floor where the pleasant admitting Nurse checked me in and got me ready for surgery. I was very surprised and delighted with the next thing that happened, the entire staff that would be assisting Dr. Shifrin , came out and idividually introduced themselves to me. Each person explained what they would be doing to assist Dr. Shifrin, after that they asked if I had any questions. This was the first time that I have had that experiance and I have had many surgeries. The result of this greeting left me relaxed and trusting that the surgery would go well. I was comfortable and came out of surgery with a sore throat but no pain , I went home that night and returned to work a week later. Thank you to all for the wonderful care. I have a small disappearing scar which nobody has noticed. Dr Shifrin, you are truly a magician, thank you."

-- Suzanne Wynne (Red Bank, N.J.)

"I was diagnosed with a hyperactive thyroid in early 2000. My endocrinologist recommended having it removed but I was reluctant to have any kind of surgery. He treated is with medication until last year at which time he said that it had grown and would have to be removed ASAP. Early this year I started an internet search for a qualified surgeon. I found Dr. Shifrin's website and was impressed by his experience and credentials. I decided to email my situation to his office half hoping that I would not get a response. I sent an email on late Sunday and received a phone call from Megan first thing Monday morning. She answered all of my questions and set up an appointment for a consult. After two visits with the doctor I decided that I should go ahead with the surgery and that Dr. Shifrin was the one that should do it. He answered all of my questions and eased my concerns about surgery in general and my specific case. He advised me that he had been successfully performing this type of operation for a number of years and has worked with the same surgical team for over five years. He outline the pros and cons of my situation and we scheduled the operation. My thyroid had grown so large that they had to called in another surgeon to open my chest to allow for the removal of my growth. This was something that Dr. Shifrin had anticipated and had the surgeon on standby. The operation and recovery was longer than expected but went off without a hitch. Dr. Shifrin visited everyday during the recovery period and was even accompanied by Megan on occasion. Several weeks later I had a post op appointment to confirm that everything was going the way it should. I casually mentioned that the appointment was on my birthday. After the exam the doctor gave me some paper work that included a birthday card and when I left I found a singing mylar balloon waiting for me outside the office. I have called the office a few times since and either Megan, Susie or Mandy were eager to help even when my questions were probably not something they would normally handle. It my opinion it's very unlikely that you could find a more concerned, professional, and just plain nice group of people. My sincere thanks to Dr. Shifrin, Megan, Susie and Mandy for making an unpleasant experience bearable."

-- Frank Braun (Barnegat, NJ)

"To Dr. Shifrin, and his surgical team, I would like to express my deep appreciation and gratitude. I am 64 years old and had been enduring an enlarged thyroid goiter for many years. My family doctor had recommended that I contact Dr. Shifrin but other considerations caused this to be delayed. Last August, I suddenly experienced great difficulty breathing and rushed to the Emergency Room at Jersey Shore Medical Center. Test revealed that the goiter was restricting my trachea to a mere slit and that surgery was required. Dr. Shifrin carefully explained the test results and the impending surgical procedure and immediately assembled his team for the operation. During the 4 hour procedure, a gigantic goiter weighing nearly a pound was removed. I spent the night in Intensive Care with a breathing tube but immediately after it's removal I was able to breathe normally again and was discharged several days later. There was no problem with my vocal cords because the surgical team has special equipment to monitor them during the surgery. Thanks to Dr. Shifrin and his team, I am doing well now. It is a wonderful feeling not being restricted by this huge growth. I am very grateful to Dr. Shifrin for his surgical skills and recommend him highly to anyone requiring this type of operation. Renate Rossner, Freehold "

-- Renate Rossner (Freehold, NJ)



"I would highly recommend Dr. Shifrin for thyroid surgery. He operated on me just three weeks ago and I feel as if I never had surgery at all! I don't remember one single thing from the time I entered the pre-op room until I woke up in the Recovery Room. This was fine for me, as I told him I was very nervous and didn't want to see the operating room at all! Dr. Shifrin assured me that I would be sedated and MIGHT remember some of the operating room and the procedure of putting the camera up my nose and down the throat and even though it would be sprayed with a numbing spray, I would probably not feel uncomfortable. But I do not remember one single thing once the anesthesiologist gave me the sedation in the pre-op room. After going to my regular room, they brought me some kind of sherbet, jello and other food. I was famished! I had no problem swallowing and my neck didn't feel numb even though I opted for the local anesthesia and IV sedation. This was an unexpected thrill for me. I left the hospital around 10:00 pm since my surgery was in the afternoon and had my prescriptions for thyroid medication in my hand. I stayed in a local motel because of the late hour and the distance. The next morning, my daughter and I stopped for breakfast at IHop! So, you see, the operation was a success......the incision was only 2 inches and I didn't look like Frankenstein when I left! The only thing that was uncomfortable later on is the surgical glue that covers the incision. It can itch for a few minutes but it comes and goes. After about 10 days or so, the glue just peels off. Please don't get nervous about having this operation. It's a breeze and you're in the best hands with Dr. Shifrin. "

-- Helen Ross (Winslow, NJ)

"It has been 6 months since my surgery. I am thankful that I chose Dr. Shifrin to do the procedure. I truly believe he is an AMAZING surgeon! If you are on the fence about having this surgery or about using Dr. Shifrin as your surgeon, I have given the office permission to give out my contact information- please feel free to contact me. My story: I was being treated by my Endo for Graves disease for about 1 year prior to having a biopsy of my thyroid nodules. When the biopsy results came back that I had abnormal cells, my Endo suggested that I have a thyroidectomy & advised me to get the opinion of a surgeon. I met with Dr. Shifrin. He made me feel comfortable from the first visit. He was informative and spoke with confidence. He told me that abnormal cells does not always mean "cancer"...however, his medical opinion agreed with my Endo- that I should have the surgery. Although the ultrasound only showed nodules on one side of my thyroid, he recommended a total thyroidectomy (to avoid having to go back in should something show up in the pathology report). Susie made the Pre-Op lab appointment while I sat in the waiting area and scheduled my appointment for surgery. She's extremely efficient! The day of surgery I was nervous. The anesthesiologist came in to talk to me about his participation with the procedure and what I should expect. He told me that a tiny camera would be put down my nose during surgery so that Dr. Shifrin could watch my vocal cords...taking every precaution for a safe and successful procedure. I was rolled in to the operating room and had the surgery. The nursing staff at Jersey Shore is second to none. They are kind, friendly and do all that they can to make you feel comfortable. After recovery, I was taken to a hospital room where I continued to rest for several hours. I did not need a drain after surgery and was permitted to go home that evening. Prior to being released, a Dr removed the stitches at the incision site and placed a large piece of medical tape on the incision area. I was handed written instructions on how to take care of it along with emergency phone numbers incase I needed to ask anything during the night. I was also given prescriptions for Pain medication, Calcium, and Synthroid that were written by Dr. Shifrin. I did not have to fill the prescription for the pain medicine. Tylenol worked fine. For 2 days after surgery, my neck was a little sore and swallowing was a little awkward. When eating, I found it was much easier to swallow- if I tilted my head downward, bringing my chin toward my chest. I had no food restrictions and was able to eat whatever I wanted. I was able to move about easily. Iron clothes, cook, etc...By the end of the week- I felt great. It was a personal choice to wait a full week before driving. The Pathology results came back 7 days after surgery. Good thing I went ahead and had the surgery! Not only did I have papillary carcinoma on the side where the nodules were, but I had it on the other side of my thyroid glad as well. Because I had cancer, I was scheduled six weeks later, for a Radioactive Iodine treatment. I was told it was important to drink plenty of water and to suck on hard candy after the Iodine treatment to flush the body & to aid the salivary glands. A week later, I went for a series of body scans. The months following the surgery & the Radioactive Iodine treatment, included following up with my Endo for adjustments to adjust the Synthroid dosage. Until that is correct- you may feel tired & sometimes forgetful. I also experienced a change in my menstrual cycle. I meet with my Endo every three months to check on my TSH level . Other than that- life is back to normal. I hope this has been helpful. Please feel free to ask Susie for my contact information if you'd like me to elaborate further. "

-- Susan Marter (Manalapan, NJ)

"When my endocrinologist recommended to have my parathyroid removed I had the job of selecting a surgeon. The endo considered the thyroid/parathyroid surgical staff at Columbia University to be the gold standard. Before going to the endo I had researched surgeons and the endo's recommendation had also been my desire. I wanted a Columbia surgeon. There were two concerns, one was getting a surgeon that accepted Medicare and my NJDirect supplement, and the other was traveling over the George Washington Bridge and into the City, which I was not looking forward to. There was a third concern ,that the surgery might be done by one of the doctors in training and not by the regular surgical staff. I also wanted to stay local if possible. I live in northwestern New Jersey. Online I had also searched for an endocrine surgeon in NJ that had experience in parathyroidectomies. I had previously researched the disease and how it's handled: sites by UCLA, Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic, NIH, etc., sites that rate doctors, several forums, and some articles in professional journals available online, so I had a little knowledge about the disease when I came across Dr. Shifrin's site. I was very impressed. Here was a surgeon that connected immediately with me. I thought it was not only very sensible, but a kind and decent thing to do, to give so much information to the prospective patient. It showed a good deal of concern and respect for the patient. There was even a contact email address which I used. I felt very much in control of my situation. I knew exactly what kinds of tests were required for consultation, what would happen during the operation, and what to expect afterwards. What really clinched it for me was the information that Dr. Shifrin supplied about himself. He had recently been a Columbia instructor in general surgery and had his fellowship there in endocrine surgery! Not only was he trained there, but he obviously had kept in close contact with the endocrine surgical staff at Columbia. His site shows all the articles that he has written with other surgeons, and I recognized the names of Dr. Inabnet and Dr. Allendorf. I knew from my research that both were of Columbia. Dr. Inabnet was named Chief of Endocrine Surgery at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in 2004. Although Dr. Shifrin is not located at Columbia I consider him to be a Columbia surgeon by virtue of training, experience and his research contacts. It was also very important to me that Dr. Shifrin was a researcher and published. To do so he has to keep up with the most current research in his fields. This gave me a feeling of security that I was in good hands. To the consultation I brought all the reports he listed on his site. He was very friendly and polite, spent all the time I needed with me and answered all my questions. The surgery was scheduled for Dec. 2, 2008, at 1:00 p.m. It was conscious sedation. Although I remember nothing of the operation, I remember being aware in the operating room after the operation. In the outpatient discharge room I ate a large sandwich. At home in the evening I ate a large meal and stayed up until midnight since I did not feel tired. I was up at 7:00 a.m. the next morning and resumed my normal schedule. I had no pain after the operation and so took no medication. I had a little discomfort in swallowing the first couple of days but that soon went away. I was given a prescription for calcium in declining amounts but felt no tingling in my fingertips. Apparently my calcium bounced back to normal quickly. Two weeks after the operation I returned to Dr. Shifrin's office for the follow-up. The incision had healed nicely. He showed me the parathyroid amounts recorded just before the operation , when pressing on the parathyroid , after removal, and 10 minutes after that. The changes were remarkable, from almost twice the upper normal range down into the lower normal range in a matter of minutes. The other parathyroids were apparently kicking in immediately. He reduced the amount of calcium and tomorrow, at three weeks, is my last pill. He gave me a prescription for a blood test for serum parathyroid hormone and calcium, which I had done in the hospital that day, and one in six months. I feel I have a good deal more energy than before the operation. I am very happy that everything went so smoothly and that after the surgery life went on the following day without a hitch. My thanks to Dr. Shifrin! "

-- Fred Westcott (Budd Lake, NJ)

"I chose Dr.Shifrin to remove my thyroid gland because a human being answered the telephone the first time I called. I have spoken to both Sue and Megan and from the start I felt that I would be in good hands because they were caring and friendly people. When I met Dr. Shifrin he exuded confidence in his ability to do thyroid surgery but still seemed to be a real person. I was impressed that he had trained with Dr. Ignabnet who I had consulted with some years ago at Columbia in N Y. The only hich in my surgical experience was a long delay waiting for surgery due to operating room availability. I had to stay over nite but that turned out to be a blessing becasue the nursing care on Booker 2 was great! My recovery was short and relatively painless. I needed only one pain pill at home. I did have a sore throat for 2 days but not enough to require medication. I drank a lot of fluids and by the third day was able to eat more comfortably. My main problem was swallowing the calcium pills ( I crushed them for 2 days) and the side effect of constipation from the calcium. I called the office and the pleasant office staff listened to my problem, spoke to the doctor and called me back most promptly. I heartily recommend Dr. Shifrin to anyone requiring Thyroid surgery! I also felt the anesthesiologist was most kind as well as a young medical student from Robert Woods med. school who kept me compnay in the holding area. All in all a most positive experience. Best of all no more thyroid biopsies!! "

-- Jane Haisser (Brick, NJ)

"My mother has been suffering with what was thought to be emphysema for many years. As a result, my mother was using albueterol and advair for several years. After one visit with Dr. Shifrin, who has a wonderful bedside manner and shares with you the cat scan x-rays results and carefully explains everthing in a way that you understand, we were convinced my mother should have this surgery to have an enlarged goiter removed. My mother is 78 yrs old and this was a frightful thought for us. After recommendations of bloodwork and medical and cardiac clearance we went ahead with the surgery. Dr. Shfrin is wonderful and very skilled in his field. My mother only had a small incision in her neck and her recovery was fantasic! Just one day after the surgery,no tubes and no more Advair or Albueterol! Immediately following surgery my mother could breath normally. Before this every breathe sounded as if it could be her last, and it could have as her trachea was pushed to the side and had become a mere "slit". We would recommend Dr. Shifrin to anyone considering this surgery. We have already recommended Dr. Shifrin to someone who needs this surgery, but up to now has been to scared to have it. Our family thanks you forever Dr. Shifrin. I would also like to thank Sue, who is Dr.'s secrectary as she was especially patient and helpful through all the tests and paperwork, etc. Thank you to all!! Inez G Nedrick (for Melody Gaddis) Red Bank, NJ"

-- Inez G Nedrick (RED BANK, NEW JERSEY)

"It was lucky for me to have found Dr. Shifrin on the internet after my endocrinologist said I needed surgery for an adrenal mass. He had referred me to a surgeon in Lakewood who was not really familiar with this type of surgery. This made me very apprehensive. I did research on my own and found Dr. Shifrin who was very knowledgeable and assuring. The surgery was a total success. The scarring was minimal. I look and feel great. I am no longer tired all the time and have tons of energy. Best of all, no more MRIs every 6 months. I would recommend Dr. Shifrin to anyone needing this type of surgery. He is an amazing surgeon! "

-- Marna DeFederico (Toms River, NJ)

"Dr. Shifrin was recommended to me by my endocrinologist because of an enlarged thyroid. Half of my thyroid was removed by another doctor in 2002. When I saw Dr. Shifrin, he explained to me exactly what would be done, how long it would take and that the surgery would be less complicated than it had been previously, and I would have same day surgery. Unfortunately, because of the delay at the hospital the day of surgery, it was recommended that I stay overnight. I would just like to say what a great job Dr. Shifrin did and how much easier my recovery was than when I had the previous surgery. I had no problem with my vocal chords because Dr. Shifrin had a special machine to monitor them during surgery. The medication he prescribed after surgery did not need to be altered after I had my blood test a month later. My levels were perfect! I would certainly recommend Dr. Shifrin to anyone who needed thyroid or parathyroid surgery. He is an excellent surgeon!"

-- Jean Taylor (Jackson, NJ)


My experience with Dr. Shifrin and his staff was nothing short of phenomenal. While I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease because of a dis functional thyroid, I was very skeptical about having the surgery. However, after meeting the staff of Dr. Shifrin and his staff I felt comfortable enough to have the surgery. The procedure was well explained as to how it happened from start to finish. Not only did they make me feel at ease my wife was speechless as to professionalism and bedside manners. If I could I would recommend the entire staff for the most highest award possible to the entire staff. Well deserved.

This has been my second go around with Dr. Shifrin and his team. Eight years ago, he removed my thyroid due to having thyroid cancer. I chose him then because his reviews were remarkable, and he certainly lived up to them. Recently, he performed a modified radical neck dissection on my right side, removing lymph nodes due to a reoccurrence of thyroid cancer. Again, all went well. You are truly in the best hands when you are under his care. Dr. Shifrin's assistant, Tara Corrigan, is also wonderful. She is so nurturing and compassionate. They were at Jersey Shore together and made the move to CentraState together, and I am so unbelievably glad they did. Thank you to you both and to everyone involved!

I want to comment on Dr. Shifrin and his staff at Centrastate Hospital in Freehold. I had thyroid nodules that
needed to be checked . My whole experience in Freehold center was so good. I just had a follow up appointment, and there was a long wait, but the office handled the problem beautifully. They explained a patient had a problem that had to be addressed and even offered water to those who waited on a hot day. Dr. Shifrin is excellent! Thanks so much for
the good experience in a stressful situation.

All my appointments including biopsy were done so well. I knew I was under
excellent care. My last appointment was a long wait due to a patient who had a problem. The staff handled the wait so well.
They explained the difficulty in the waiting room and even offered water bottles to any who wanted them. Dr. Shiffrin lived
up to his excellent reputation and his staff was great as well . Thanks.

Thank you DR Shifrin and your great team for the excellent care and knowledge you gave me during and before my recent surgery. I’m am so thankful for all you have done to help me. Dr Shifrin is a excellent surgeon and i am so grateful to have been referred to him and his team .

Dear Doctor Shiffrin, Thank you for an excellent surgical experience. You did my adrenalectomy within 2 weeks of my first appointment and now I am 3 weeks post op and feeling great! You put me at ease with your vast knowledge, experience and compassion. God bless you! Aron Deutsch

Dr. Shifrin was recommended to me by two other excellent doctors of mine when I was dealing with thyroid nodules that needed to be tested. I had a consultation, then a biopsy and finally thyroidectomy surgery. He and his team are all wonderful, extremely professional and thorough and provided excellent care and kindness as well. I am 100% happy, appreciative and satisfied with all of the care I received from Dr. Shifrin and his staff.

If you are looking for a thyroid surgeon. Stop now - Dr. Shifrin is the best.
When we were faced with the potential of thyroid cancer we search around NJ. After meeting other surgeons, Dr. Shifrin stood out as the clear leader in his field. His team was very responsive and helped with every aspect of the surgery, pre and post. We never had to wait and CentraState was a great experience. I can not express how thankful we are to have found Dr. Shifrin, he is amazing. 3 months later, no discernible scar and based upon his directions we have a great prognosis moving forward. If you are reading this, best of luck with your surgery and outcome. if you choose Dr. Shifrin, he will get you the best care a surgeon can give.

If you are looking for a thyroid surgeon. Stop now - Dr. Shifrin is the best.
When we were faced with the potential of thyroid cancer we search around NJ. After meeting other surgeons, Dr. Shifrin stood out as the clear leader in his field. His team was very responsive and helped with every aspect of the surgery, pre and post. We never had to wait and CentraState was a great experience. I can not express how thankful we are to have found Dr. Shifrin, he is amazing. 3 months later, no discernible scar and based upon his directions we have a great prognosis moving forward. If you are reading this, best of luck with your surgery and outcome. if you choose Dr. Shifrin, he will get you the best care a surgeon can give.

I am writing to commend Dr. Shifrin and his entire staff for the successful surgery he performed on me. I had one of my para thyroid glands removed because it wasn't functioning. This was causing me to have an elevated calcium level which immediately came down to normal after my surgery. The surgery couldn't have gone any smoother than it did with outstanding results. I can't thank Dr. Shifrin and his team for their professionalism and outstanding knowledge of medicine. They are truly the best and would recommend them to anyone who is need of his service. Thank you so much Dr. Shifrin.

Dr Shifrin came highly recommended. I'm happy to say he did not disappoint. The entire staff at Jersey Shore was great. Surgery went will with little discomfort.

I had a great experience with Dr. Shifrin and his staff. The office staff was so warm and friendly and Dr. Shifrin explained everything about my surgery in great detail and reassured me everything would be okay. They scheduled my surgery within a few weeks and the surgery day was a breeze. PA Jillian was great as well, I saw her for my post op visit and she explained everything in great detail, was extremely patient and answered all my questions. Highly recommend! Thank you Dr Shifrin and staff.

The C word - one of the worst in the world to be heard about your condition. From the very first phone call for an appointment to my last visit with Dr. Shifrin and his staff, I felt completely safe and in good hands. Not an easy task - I just met the man and I was going to let him slice into my neck!! Everyone on his team knew exactly what they were doing, were always friendly, compassionate and patient. I can't even count how many times I called Susie with a question. She is awesome!! Joie at the front desk is so friendly and happy - every time she called me, I felt happy afterwards; she made me feel like I was her #1 concern and best friend! Dr. Shifrin explained everything that was going to happen during my thyroidectomy clearly and there were no surprises. Surgery went perfectly! I'm two weeks out and my scar is already barely noticeable. The staff at JCMC was outstanding! Very compassionate people and couldn't do enough for me - and I mean everyone!! The Valet staff, the gentleman at the front desk of Hope Tower, techs, nurses, anesthesiologists; just everyone I came in contact with made me feel welcome and in good hands. Dr. Yang was my anesthesiologist - what a great guy! I truly can't say enough great things about my experience. If ever in the need for thyroid surgery, this is the doctor you want to perform it. I'm very, very grateful to Dr. Shifrin and his staff and wish them the very best. There is a place in heaven for all of them. Thank you!!!

I don't remember ever posting another review. Today, I must. Dr. Shifrin, Doc Tara and Doc Carlene are the best. Yes, as a prior military guy, everyone in the medical field is "Doc" to me. All of them are so compassionate, courteous, knowledgeable and professional. The process was uncomfortable at times, but they talk you through every step, ease your concerns and make sure that you know what's going on. I wish I could remember the names of everyone else that was involved in my procedure, but these three stand out. They stole my thyroid, but I ain't mad. - Wayne

Highly recommend Dr. Shifrin for parathyroid surgery. He took my concerns seriously, including ordering tests for kidney stones and alerting me to thyroid nodules that I should follow up on. He did a wonderful job on my parathyroid surgery, leaving a scar that is hardly detectable. He was very thorough in checking all 4 parathyroids for tumors. PA Tara Corrigan was also extremely knowledgeable, with great communication and listening skills!

Dr Shifrin is an outstanding surgeon, he is compassionate, reassuring, knowledgeable, pleasant doctor, his staff is super friendly, helpful & compassionate. I am really glad & grateful that Dr Shifrin was my surgeon, everything was done in a timely fashion, him and his staff took good care of me.
Thank you so so much Dr Shifrin, I am really happy & can’t say thank you enough.

My surgery was a success, with no after surgery issues. Two weeks later, a blood test showed the PTH, INTACT, AND CALCIUM levels well within acceptable limits. After my Parathyroidectomy surgery the symptoms of hyperparathyroidism/hypercalcemia are lessening which are a good thing. From the first visit with Dr. A. Shifrin – the surgery - and after, everyone was very professional and caring. Thank you, Dr. A. Shifrin, associates, and Hospital staff, for taking excellent care of me. Highly recomended by me.

I wanted to add my name to the long list of patients who have had the good fortunes of dealing with Dr. Shifrin & team during incredibly stressful and emotionally challenging times. I was diagnosed with Papillary Thyroid cancer in mid April and had my thyroidectomy procedure done before the month ended. I had a very smooth recovery and was back to myself in no time. While I was researching surgeons, I kept coming back to the long list of stellar reviews for Dr. Shifrin and at one point thought to myself "This is the person that's going to save my life". I am very happy I made the call soon after. Dr. Shifrin and his fantastic staff do God's work day after day, and I am forever grateful to their professionalism, talent, and well-run practice. I hope my words also encourage others to put their faith in this fantastic team.

Excellent surgeon.Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. My whole experience was totally satisfactory!! the nurses & staff are so friendly and helpful “5 stars are not enough for Dr. Shifrin.” I highly recommend

Excellent Surgeon.Dr Alexander Shifrin and his PA Tara Corrigan are the best.Thank you so much for everything you have done for me.My whole experience was totally satisfactory!! the nurses & staff are so friendly and helpful “5 stars are not enough for Dr.Shifrin”. I highly recommend

Throughout your life there are going to be some people crossing your path you will never forget. That is the case for Dr Alexander Shifrin and his medical team at the Jersey Shore University Medical Center. For the last 4 years, I have been monitored for multiple nodules on my thyroid, one of which was extremely large and very noticeable on my throat. I recently changed endocrinologists to get a second opinion on my condition and she advised I make an appointment with Dr Shifrin who she highly recommended as a surgeon to discuss my options, initially out of aesthetic concerns but it ended up turning out differently. Dr Shifrin didn’t waste any time expressing the urgency of removing my whole thyroid. At first I felt intimidated by his straightforward approach, as well as obviously very shaken emotionally by the prospect of having to face an unexpected surgery, but I very quickly realized that underneath this perception, was a very compassionate and sensitive human being, always firmly guiding me towards the unavoidable reality of having to take care of an issue that presented some serious concerns. He offered for my husband to join in for emotional support after receiving the news and answered all our questions patiently and in a very informative way. Tara Corrigan his PA has also been nothing but wonderful and kind, always taking the time to explain everything in details. From my first to all the other appointments and my actual surgery, every staff member has been touchingly caring and in a time where I was feeling very anguished and vulnerable I have truly felt carried through ever step of the way. My surgery went extremely well and better than I feared thanks to an incredible medical team including my anesthesiologist Dr Illiana Morgan. My scar is simply amazing and hardly noticeable already after just a few weeks, a result of Dr Shifrin impressive minimally invasive surgery skills. The pathology tests of my nodules confirmed, as Dr Shiffrin suspected, that one was cancerous, but thanks to his pressing action it hadn’t yet spread. Some doctors have a 6th sense and a gift in their medical treatment. Dr Shifrin saved my life.

Words can not express how grateful I am to this wonderful Doctor. I felt better in less then three weeks. His staff like him were Professional, knowledgeable, caring. New York or Dr. Shifrin. Glad I chose Dr. Shifrin.

My journey began in one of the most challenging times for all of us. It began during the pandemic and difficulties where palpitable to the core.There are no words of how grateful I'm today after my parathyroidectomy to Dr.A.Shifrin, his amazing assistant Dr.T. Corrigan and their entire team. My calcium as well as the symptoms I had where sky high but they where able to bring me back to earth by helping me to get a second chance in life. I'm here today because of you.Mil Gracias,por siempre.

Dr. Shifrin removed a benign parathyroid growth in October 2019. Everything went perfect and smoothly. From the time of registration to being discharged everyone was excellent. Dr. Shifrin was wonderful and explained everything. All of his assistants and Dr. Morgan were great and explained everything to be sure that I understood what was going to happen and that I was comfortable. I recovered quickly and it has been 6 months. Thank you again to Dr. Shifrin and your team!

My experience with Dr Shifrin and all his staff and the staff at Jersey Shore couldn't have been better.

I was extremely nervous on my first consultation with Dr Shifrin and his PA Tara Corrigan. Both explained what needed to be done and what I had to do. On the day of the surgery, everything was explained to me. I experienced minimal discomfort post surgery. I've followed all instructions to the letter and have had no issues. My scar is not easily noticeable, once I use the scar gel recommended, it'll be almost invisible.

All of my office visits were fine, minimal wait times and very friendly staff.

Everything I heard about Dr Shifrin, from quite a few people, were very positive, saying he is a great doctor. Yes, he is.

Thank you!

Thank you Dr. Shrifrin and your staff for all that was done for me. You and your staff are excellent!
My wife and I are thankful we were given your name. Very understanding, knowledgeable, and efficient.
We will recommend you highly.

Dr Shifrin is a world-class endocrine surgeon. I had my choice of having my right retroperitoneoscopic adrenalectomy performed in Phila (UPenn), NYC; or Jersey Shore Medical in Neptune. After doing much research, i chose to have Dr Shifrin do the procedure. It was done on May 9, 2019. Words can not express how glad I am that I made that choice. I felt so little discomfort that at no point did i have trouble sleeping, getting up or have any need for pain meds. I was able to retun to work 5 days later and drive the next day (though i was advised not to and given the pothole situation in NJ it was not my best idea). 4 weeks later my blood pressure is NORMAL after having primary aldosteronism go undiagnosed for 14 years and being ln three blood pressure medicines for most if that time. I am looking forward to exercising again in another month or so. In the meantime, anyone on the fence about having Dr Shifrin do this surgery shoukd proceed without hesitation! He is truly the absolute best at what he does.

My total thyroid removal, along with some lymph nodes removed, was 2 1/2 weeks ago and I am feeling great! Dr. Shifrin is absolutely an amazingly talented person, who has an incredible team along side him. I met with Dr. Shifrin a few times after nodules had been found on my thyroid, and knew as soon as I met him that I was in good hands. He answered all of my questions, before I even had to ask, and explained all situations thoroughly. He always made sure I was comfortable and always made sure I understood what he was explaining. Any time I had questions, or concerns, his office staff was always just a phone call away and they too were extremely helpful. I am very picky about the doctors I see and hands down give the highest of recommendations to Dr. Shifrin and his team! These best part, Dr. Shifrin is so talented that after just 2 weeks, my scar is barely noticeable! There need to be more doctors like Dr. Shifrin and his amazing team in the world to make every person feel as comfortable as they made me feel! Thank you to Dr. Shifrin for his amazing work, I truly appreciate how easy he made this experience for me!

Doc Shifrin and Tara are awesome!!! Both of them along with the entire staff exudes professionalism and sets the benchmark for others to follow in patient relations. As a single father with full custody of my son, I was extremely concerned about the longevity of my life and the possible long term health implications of my hyperparathyroidism. They could not have been more accomodating and supportive. Doc Shifrin and Tara made me feel completely at ease, answered all of my questions, and were more than willing to work with my schedule as I live over 200 miles away in Maryland. They worked closely with my military doctors and thoroughly reviewed all of the information the military doctors had already documented. I know I was a difficult surgery due to the size of my tumor. Even though the tumor was over 2 inches long, I suffered absolutely no damage to my vocal cords. Also, the scar left behind from the surgery is barely noticeable. Thank you for your precise and delicate incisions. Spasibo!!

After 3 doctors and multiple diagnoses, I was given Dr. Shifrin’s name. He was my fourth opinion, and truth be told, I truly wish he was my first! Him and his amazing staff were able to diagnose as well as take immediate action, which ultimately was thyroid cancer. As I type this cancer-free 15 months later, I am forever grateful to him and his staff for treating me like family and curing me with expert care! Please continue your amazing work for we are fortunate to have been abundantly Blessed with your skilled hands!

It's been one month since I had my parathyroid surgery (February 2019). When I was referred to Dr. Shifrin, I knew nothing of this disease. Afraid and anxious, Dr. Shifrin and his staff made me feel comfortable and put my mind at ease explaining the surgery in detail. I only saw Dr. Shifrin once before surgery and knew right away I was in competent hands. Surgery was scheduled within the month and the office staff was excellent in assisting me for obtaining all pre-admission testing from other doctors and labs. Telephone calls were always answered by a live person, and if a return call was needed, it was done within a day. Surgery went flawlessly, even though what was supposed to be a simple parathyroidectomy involving one parathyroid, turning into a complex surgery involving all 4. Surgery took much longer than anticipated but that was no challenge for Dr. Shifrin. He went above and beyond making sure vocal cords stayed intact during surgery and keeping the scar to a minimum placing the incision into the crease of my neck. I've received many compliments on how good it looks. Now looking back, when Dr. Shifrin asked what my symptoms were, I answered I didn't have any, but going forward one month post op, I haven't felt this good in years. Dr. Shifrin and his staff are highly skilled, efficient and courteous. Thank you Dr. Shifrin for your expertise, and a special thank you to Tara Corrigan, PA, for going above and beyond your duties to assist Dr. Shifrin and answer all my questions I had before, during and after the surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Shifrin and his staff to anyone in need for a consultation and surgery. Sincerely, Barbara B. Forked River, NJ

February 19,2019

After one month of anxiety due to not knowing what to expect about a thyroidectomy I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Shifrin of JSUMC. After meeting with him and his very qualified staff I was completely at ease with the procedure he was going to perform.
Dr Shifrin and his staff were very thorough, comforting and advised me of what to expect and when.
I am three weeks post op and doing very well. My scar is not noticable, it doesn't matter if it did. I'm able to do my life as before my operation.

I highly recommend Dr. Shifrin and his staffas well as JSUMC and their staff. They are the best at what they do.
Thank You Sincerely,

Dr. Shifrin is a great surgeon. He performed my surgery very well without any complications even though I had a very large thyroid and a neck problem. I am thankful for him. I recommend him to anyone. Thank you, Dr. Shifrin.

When I learned I had elevated calcium in my blood I was very worried that it might mean bone cancer. As a breast cancer survivor, I needed to get to the causes for high calcium levels and this led me to the Office of Dr. Shifrin.
At my first appointment, I felt as if I was meeting a Rock Star along with his entourage. They swooped into the Exam Room looking at my tests and X-rays and very intently discussed results among themselves. Throughout this I quickly realized they were very serious about finding the cause. At one point I asked ever so timidly if he thought this might be cancer. Dr. Shifrin immediately removed himself from my x-rays and test results and turned to me. He lifted my hand while saying so sincerely I shouldn’t worry because he was going to get to the bottom of all of this. I was instantly relieved and felt I had gone to the right place!
Dr. Shifrin has an extremely efficient office to assist him in investigating every possible cause of hypercalcemia. My symptoms were causing extreme fatigue, mental fog and an overwhelming feeling of dread. My initial scans did not show a clear-cut case for surgery, nor did my bloodwork results. Dr. Shifrin, along with his Assistant, Tara Corrigan, took a look at my test results and in many cases had these tests redone at locations more qualified to find parathyroid issues.
On February 22nd, I had surgery with Dr. Shifrin to remove 3 ½ of my 4 parathyroid glands to treat Primary hyperparathyroidism. A half was left to for future location and size should this problem ever return. Within a few days I began to feel alive again. My thoughts became clearer and my energy level returned! The scar where the operation was performed was barely noticeable after 2 weeks.
If every you need to consider this surgery, or if you are having problems with out of control calcium levels, do yourself a favor and get an appointment with Dr. Shifrin and his amazing office. EXCELLENT!

I had my surgery Sept 2018. Dr. Shifrin and his staff were amazing. They explained in details what was going to happen during surgery. The care after the surgery was excellent. I highly recommend Dr. Shifrin.

I have had many surgeries prior to my parathyroidectomy performed by Dr. Shifrin and his incredible talented surgical team. Dr. Shifrin and his surgical team are simply AMAZING and made me feel very comfortable! He is a kind and caring surgeon; he answered all my questions in English not doctor’s big words and explained every step of the procedure. The post op pain was NONE!
The nurses, surgical team, discharge staff at Jersey Shore Outpatient Surgery treated me with the upmost respect and were very compassionate and friendly.
God bless and thank you Dr. Shifrin, Tara Corrigan, PA, surgical team and the entire office staff for professional, kindness and attentive care I was given.

Earlier this year I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer. My family and I were stunned, and we didn't know what to do next. My primary care physician recommended Dr. Shifrin, and we immediately called for a consultation. We knew that I was going to be in the very best care from the moment we stepped into the office. The office staff were so efficient and compassionate that we knew I was going to be okay. Dr. Shifrin explained all of the necessary steps and requirements needed to have my total thyroidectomy, so by the time I walked out of the office that very day, I was set up with a surgery date as well as an appointment with my endocrinologist. My surgery was scheduled two weeks later, and after 2 1/2 hours in the OR, I was on my way to becoming a cancer survivor!

It's a little under 9 months since I received my diagnosis, and a little over 8 months since my surgery. I feel stronger than ever, and this has everything to do with the amazing care and treatment I received from this team of professionals. There are no words to express my gratitude to Dr. Shifrin, Tara Corrigan, and all of the doctors, specialists, nurses, and office staff at JSUMC. On behalf of myself and my family, may God bless you always, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I don't think we could have made it through that difficult time without your compassion and care.

Katie Opinante

Dr. Shifrin and his staff are amazing! I work in the pharmaceutical industry and was extremely impressed with the entire staff's skill, knowledge, kindness and compassion. I brought my mother in to his office in a wheelchair. Two weeks later she walked into his office on her own after having 3.5 parathyroids removed. I drove her from upstate NY in critical condition as she was not receiving adequate healthcare where she lived. She was dealing with the debilitating symptoms of hyperparathyroidism for three years and nothing was done. She had poor balance, was unable to walk without help, took several falls, had memory loss and confusion. Dr. Shifrin's receptionist was my first point of contact and truly an angel as she was able to squeeze my mom in two weeks before her scheduled appointment. I know my mom would not be with us today if not for this kind person and her willingness to fit us in. I can't imagine this surgery being done by anyone but Dr. Shifrin. My mom's scar is barely noticeable and she can talk better than she could before the surgery. Dr.Shifrin was scheduled to take one parathyroid out but during the surgery realized the others needed to come out too. In the hands of any other surgeon I am not sure that the surgery would have been successful.. I cannot finish this recommendation without mentioning Tara. She provided a constant sense of reassurance and is most definitely one of the most knowledgeable, smart and action- oriented people I have ever met. My mom is back! Thank you Dr. Shifrin and the ENTIRE staff.

Thank you so much, Dr. Shifrin, for performing a successful surgery (thyroid removal). I feel truly blessed that a doctor as skilled, expert and knowledgeable as you was my surgeon. You and your staff always treated me with the utmost respect, and were always thorough in your explanations and patient in answering my questions. Because of these factors, I went into the surgery feeling more confident than nervous. My experience at Jersey Shore Medical Center was very pleasant. From the moment I arrived until the moment I was discharged, every person I dealt with was friendly, kind and professional. The nursing staff in the surgical discharge unit was exceptional! Thank you to everyone involved in my care and for making the experience of surgery a pleasant one.

I was diagnosed with primary hyperaldosteronism due to a right adrenal adenoma and had to find a surgeon. I investigated multiple surgeons but decided on Dr Shifrin for multiple reasons: His knowledge and training on the retroperitoneoscopic technique were key for me. Dr Shifrin's staff showed multiple times that I was not just a number. They really care about their patients. I want to thank Dr Shifrin and his team for their care before, during and after surgery.

We took my 19 year old daughter to see Dr Shifrin when she was diagnosed with possible thyroid cancer. Our pediatrician could not have more highly recommended him. We were terrified. He could not have been kinder or gentler with her. He inspired our confidence from minute one. His staff was also lovely and very helpful. Tara held our hands through the entire process and was with my daughter through the entire ordeal. She was obviously not pain free but her pain was very well managed and she has recovered quickly. Dr Shifren seemed as happy as we were to find that she did not have cancer after all. The nodule was precancerous saved her from a much worse scenario. We love Dr Shiffren and his staff and cannot thank them enough for all they have done. We highly recommend !

It is easy to enthusiastically recommend Dr. Shifrin and his professional staff. Dr. Shifrin is a highly skilled specialist who is methodical in his approach and his surgical expertise. His support staff contribute to his smooth running team providing this patient with a feeling of well being and support throughout the needle biopsy and subsequent surgery. Dr. Shifrin was highly recommended to me and I am pleased to join with others who experienced being treated by a real professional!

I went to Dr. Shifrin a couple years after being diagnosed with Graves disease. I was reaching the end of time when I could take medication for it. The next step was removal of the thyroid. Dr. Shifrin was very thorough and professional. The surgery went well and I only required a few pain meds afterward. Thank you.

Dr. Shifrin, P.A. Tara Corrigan and the wonderful staff were extremely supportive and professional during my recent diagnosis of Papillary Carcinoma. Surgery went beautifully at JSMC and Dr. Shifrin had me out of recovery in time to take part in my son's senior lacrosse ceremony - just as promised! Thank you all for the care, concern and highly-skilled medical attention.
P.s. after 4 weeks my scar is nearly invisible!

Dr. Shifrin and his staff were very professional and did their best to alleviate not only my concerns but those of my husband. Biopsies were performed with efficiency and the surgery went very well. I am 2 weeks post-op and had minimal discomfort initially and none at all after the 3rd day. Thank you for making this experience as worry free as possible.

I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer in December 2017.

I am a 30 year old woman, an educated health professional, and a fitness and wellness enthusiast. I always believed I was as healthy as I could be.

At the time of my diagnoses I had just bought my first home, I was finishing graduate school, and I was about to begin a new job. This news wasn't anything I was expecting, and I was completely terrified.

When anyone is diagnosed with a serious disease they usually have no idea how to initially respond to the news. I knew I needed a great doctor, in fact I wanted THE BEST doctor. Of course I asked my primary care physician for recommendations, and one of them was Dr. Shifrin. I was hesitant to trust anyone at this point, because I NEVER expected to be diagnosed with Cancer! I went for yearly physicals, and I always left with a clean bill of health! BUT... Cancer can be unpredictable, and happen in the most unusual of circumstances. So, I took a chance, and trusted the advice of my PCP and made an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Shifrin.

I was immediately impressed with Dr. Shifrin's staff! They were very caring, uplifting, and generously informative about what I should expect on my first visit with Dr. Shifrin. They also scheduled an appointment for me with Dr. Lann, my now--endocrinologist.

The day came for me to finally meet Dr. Shifrin, and I was SO Happy with my first visit. He was very proactive, thorough, and responsive. He explained everything to me, and reacted very quickly to the care that I needed. He was sure the cancer had also spread to the surrounding lymph nodes on the right side of my thyroid gland. He wanted to perform a Total Thyroidectomy, and radical neck dissection. I had a fine need aspiration prior to seeing him to confirm the tissue was cancerous, but he wanted to perform additional biopsies to accurately conclude my diagnoses. He also performed a laryngoscopy to get a visual of my vocal cords. We then set the date for surgery!

The surgery went great!--- GREAT as any surgical procedure can be! I didn't have any issues, and my recovery was close to pain free!

Dr. Shifrin removed my entire thyroid, and 22 lymph nodes. I underwent Radioactive Iodine Therapy, and now continue my follow up treatments with Dr. Lann.---ALSO an INCREDIBLE Physician!

Dr. Shifrin, and his staff are AMAZING, and I appreciate everything they have done for me so far. Being diagnosed with Cancer is one of the most terrifying experiences a person can have. Having a solid team to help guide, advise, and treat you during the process is key. Dr. Shifrin, Tara Corrigan--his PA, Dr. Lann, Joan, and ALL of the staff that work with Dr. Shifrin are an elite group of medical professionals, and I feel honored, lucky, and completely grateful for all of the care I have been given!

Thank you for making a "not-so-great" experience, a pretty great one! And..


Dr Shifrin removed one Parathryroid in April. He located the diseased one and removed which achieved the desired result of lowering my calcium levels which where abnormally high. He minimized the time of the operation due to my age. There is basically no scare and the operation was painless. I appreciate his candor and professional approach in explaining every step of the procedure. Thank You v

Dr. Shifrin is extremely professional and knowledgeable, yet gentle and caring. He has an awesome bedside manner. I can’t remember when I was that comfortable and confident with any doctor.
He came highly recommended and believe me, after our first visit, I knew that I was in good hands.

After the surgery, Dr. Shifrin went out to talk to my husband and was so professional, yet sincere that my husband said the same as I did …. “He is one amazing man.”

The entire staff, including Tara Corrigan, PA, Dr. Shifrin’s Physician Assistant, was amazing. From my first phone call to his office to my post-op visit, they could not have been more supportive and genuinely caring.

God bless Dr. Shifrin, Tara Corrigan, PA and the entire staff for making what could have been a very stressful time, an extremely bearable situation.

I very much appreciate how kind and patient Dr. Shifrin, Tara, and the entire staff have been, especially as to answering many questions. Rescheduling the surgery from April 3 to March 22 was a great act of kindness and spared me extra days of waiting and worrying. I feel grateful and fortunate.

I had my right thyroid removed two weeks ago due to a very large nodual.
I had no throat pain what so ever; no sore throat and no trouble eating.
Never took any pain meds, not even a tylenol or advil.
I recommend Dr. Shifrin, and the entire staff at Jersey Shore Medical Center.
I was very very nervous for surgery and everyone was extremely nurturing and calming.
I highly recommend Tara, Dr. Shifrin's PA, she is truly knowledgeable, kind, soft spoken and extremely patient.
Thank you all!

I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in late January. I chose Dr. Shifrin after quite a bit of online research and when I told my endocrinologist of my choice, she told me he was one of the physicians she would have recommended. There was more of a wait then i had expected for my first visit, but once in the exam room, i was met by quite a few of his staff, including is PA, Tara. Each worked like an oiled machine before Dr. Shifrin came in to ensure he had everything he needed. Dr Shifrin was very reassuring and told me exactly what i could expect, and what was unknown. Based upon the pre-tests that I had already had during the diagnosis portion of the illness, they were able to schedule surgery in two weeks at Jersey Shore Hospital.

While at Jersey Shore, I met with mostly all of the surgical professionals and nursing staff who were directly involved in my procedure - all were excellent and caring. I didn't meet with Dr. Shifrin while i was in recovery, but my wife, also in the medical field, said that post surgery, Dr. Shifrin was very through and took time to explain to here what he did and what i should expect post surgery. I had very little discomfort in the weeks post surgery.

Two weeks later i had my followup with Dr. Shifrin who explained in detail the results of my biopsy and that he was able to remove all of the cancer and that i would need no further treatment. To me, the experience, as scary as it was, was lessened by Dr. Shifrin and Tara and all the other support staff in his office. Great Job and Thank you all.